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Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica

Terraluna's power reserve is also exceptionally long lasting, at two weeks. The movement, which is equipped with an extravagant power reserve and a constant force system that allows for the same level of toque over the course of 14 consecutive days, is equipped with this mechanism. The Richard Lange perpetual calendar clock is worth around $225,000.

Hublot Classic Fusion Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater – The Best Stylizing WatchAs the jury of the GPHG selected, Hublot was the maker of the best timepiece that had a striking feature. The timekeeper includes a cathedral gong that is activated via a pushpiece built into the crown. The watch in the Classic Fusion Series combines a minute repeating function with another complex complication,Rolex Replica Watches namely a tourbillion. This is a tourbillion that measures one minute with a cage of 13.6mm in diameter and a solid construction.

Hublot's completely in-house caliber, which is its second minute repeater to date, consists of a total of 319 components. The caliber is visible from both sides and is finished and plated in the same color as the housing. The price of the timekeeper that won the Best Striking Watch Award at the GPHG 2015 is around $239,000.

Urwerk EMC: Mechanical Exception and Innovation PrizesThis hottest concept in watchmaking was shown in Urwerk EMC, which won two trophies. It was declared the winner of one of 12 basic categories, the Mechanical Exception. It also won the Innovation award, which considers all timekeepers in each category. Urwerk EMC's innovative feature, which allows the wearer to adjust the speed of movement themselves, is what makes it so revolutionary. The wearer can now perform tasks that were previously reserved for professionals.

The new timekeeper's name is an abbreviation of Electro Mechanical Control, which is the exact feature that allows the testing of accuracy.IWC Portofino Replica The wearer is able to fine-tune his mechanical movement and adjust it according to his personal rhythm and lifestyle. This two-time award winner from the GPHG awards 2014 includes four sub-dials that make it even more futuristic and instrument-like. The price is around $122,500 and the watch comes in either a steel or titanium housing.